Board of Trustees

Chinese Community Health Care Association's Board of Trustees is a committee of physicians across various specialties. The diversity of physicians provides our Board of Trustees with an unique view of issues that impact the community. Our Board Members are able to gather and analyze information gathered through first-hand, first-person experience. This invaluable characteristic is what drives CCHCA's responsive and efficient operations.

2015 CCHCA Board of Trustees

Chairman: Raymond Li, M.D. - President

  • L. Eric Leung, M.D. - Vice-President

    William Chung, M.D. - Treasurer

    Mai-Sie Chan, M.D. - Secretary

    Clifford Chew, M.D.

    Irwin Chow, M.D.

    Gustin Ho, M.D. - Immediate Past President

    Simon Lee, M.D.

    Mr. Harvey Louie - CCHP Board Representative

    Fred Lui, M.D.- Member-at-Large

    David Tuan, M.D.

    Derrina Wu, M.D.

    Weiwen Zheng, M.D.