Chinese Community Health Resource Center

Chinese Community Health Care Association (CCHCA) is a proud sponsor of the Chinese Community Health Resource Center (CCHRC). The center's primary mission is to promote a healthier lifestyle through bilingual health education programs. Copies of the class schedule and community program announcements are available at the Resource Center and available online here.

The Resource Center Provides:

  • - Education classes on general health, women's health, and perinatal health
  • - Asthma education
  • - Weight management programs
  • - Individual nutrition counseling
  • - Diabetes education
  • - Bilingual health education materials available in English or Chinese (Other languages are available upon request).
  • - Quarterly health newsletter
  • - Community support groups/programs

Individual nutrition counseling require written referrals from the patient's Primary Care Physician before an appointment can be scheduled.

Health classes, community programs and social services require pre-registration or appointments.

Community programs are open to the public. Other services are available at no cost to CCHCA members. If interested in attending such events, please call the Resource Center at (415) 677-2473 to find out more information.