How to Become a Member

If you would like to make Chinese Community Health Care Association your Medical Group, there are a few simple prerequisites:

1. Enrolling in a contracted health plan

In order to become a member of CCHCA, you must first be enrolled with one of our contracted health plans. A complete listing of contracted health plans is available here.

2. Selecting a CCHCA primary care physician (PCP)

If you are currently enrolled in one of our contracted health plans, the next step will be to choose a primary care physician within CCHCA's network of providers. Currently, there are more than 70 available PCPs to choose from; whom are all conveniently located throughout San Francisco. Adults may choose a provider from Internal Medicine or Family/General Practice as their PCP. Children may choose a provider from Family/General Practice or Pediatrics as their PCP. You may change your current primary care physician at any time by contacting your health plan's customer service department.

Click here to use our electronic directory.

3. Choosing CCHCA as your Medical Group

Once the above requirements are fulfilled, you are ready to make CCHCA your Medical Group. Your health plan's customer service department will be able to assist you with selecting a Medical Group.